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Broken Glass

by Jonathan Durst

Just the other day we had a snow day, which is surprising considering that we live in Central New York. While we were at home digging out and enjoying a nice fire, my beautiful and loving wife wanted to really bless our family with a fantastic chicken francaise meal. She began this long process of preparing, breading, […]

Laughter in Relationships

by Jonathan Durst

All relationships have its own set of issues, but research has found that the couples that flourish are the ones who are most able to adapt to change, share their emotions “somewhat” effectively, and possess the ability to laugh at themselves and their relationships. Obviously the goal is not to laugh at our partner or […]

Unavoidable Change

by Jonathan Durst

UNAVOIDABLE CHANGE There are only a few words that are so powerful; my meager mind cannot comprehend the vastness of their meanings. When we think of such words we often think of the names of God, we think of salvation, we think of things like marriage or family, but what about the word Life? Life […]